Cricket Pavilion 1-2-1 sessions focus on the specific requirements of an individual player. This can be batting, bowling, wicket-keeping, fielding, or a combination.

No matter what age or skill level, Coel and his team are equally equipped to help people who are looking to develop and shape their game from scratch, to those who want to maximise their cricketing potential and fine tune their technique. Most importantly, CP ensures its clients have an enjoyable coaching experience so that they leave their sessions with a feeling of accomplishment. One on one coaching for ages 6-18yrs (Years 5-13), Batting, bowling, wicket keeping and general all round core cricket skills.



CP Group Sessions focus on the specific requirements of a team or group of players. Sessions range from 1hr to 2hrs .These sessions are effective and enjoyable, pin pointing a teams goals and ambitions. Coel has coached small academy groups, district teams and School 1st Xl.



Focal to the life of any sportsman, be that professional or amateur, is a good level and understanding of health and fitness. This incorporates a number of elements, including strength and conditioning, nutrition and diet, and the overall psychology around playing the game. The trainers at CP are fully qualified to provide health and fitness consultations that incorporate these elements. With qualifications in Nutritional Advice for Physical Exercise, Coel and his team can provide full nutrition programmes for his clients. Eating the right things, teamed up with an effective fitness programme can significantly enhance fitness levels and overall performance.



Full Repair: $150 NZD
New handle, face repaired, stickers and sleeve removed, full bat refurbishment, new sleeve applied (clear or fibre).

Weight Reduction: $90 NZD
Weight hand-shaved from bat, full bat sanded and buffed, new facing applied (clear or fibre).

Major Graft:
New piece cut into bat, piece doweled and bound, new facing applied (clear or fibre)


What our players are saying!

  • "Love using Cricket Pavilion gear. The softs are quality and bats are absolute weapons. Get in touch now for the best gear going around."

    Brett Hampton

    Northern Knights

  • "Another great season with Cricket Pavilion. Great bats and great products. Coel is the guy you need to see for your cricket needs."

    Blair Tickner
    Central Stags

  • "Changed my kit to hawk two and a half years ago. Its some great gear and is long lasting, worth every penny, wont look back!"


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