Our job is simple, to bring the handcrafted bat making market of the UK to the kiwi cricketer for the benefit of both player and brand.

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Cricket Coaching

Have you been getting out, in the same way, more than three times in a month? Are you bowling wides/no-balls? Do you want to improve your game? Most of us tend to do the same old things each time we play and these bad habits can be easily corrected, so why not book a personal coaching session with the Cricket Pavilion who will make an IN-DEPTH and DETAILED ASSESSMENT of your game. Private facilities are available in Albany for a one-on-one half-hour or 1-hour sessions. An ideal addition to your club coaching to upskill and fine-tune those techniques that can be so difficult to master.

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Hawk cricket was established in 1996 by brothers, Robert and Michael.

Their goal is simple – to make the finest cricket bats from the very best English Willow, sourced from J S Wright, Essex and supply the highest quality soft leather goods and cricket equipment for the committed cricketer.

Hawk cricket operates on a personal basis and welcomes customers and visitors to their workshop and to browse in their recently opened Pavilion shop.

Hawk Cricket combines traditionally handcrafted bench work with advanced technical methods to produce, what we feel is, the best foundation for a cricket bat.

Bench work and skilled finishing remain highly important to us to create light pick ups with the modern shape cricket bat.

Every blade is pressed individually to achieve optimum performance. The handle is precisely constructed using cane, cork/rubber and adhesive. It is then turned and fitted to the bat, set slightly forward to follow the natural bow of the blade. The handle is left oval for greater feel.

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Full Repair: $150 NZD
New handle, face repaired, stickers and sleeve removed, full bat refurbishment, new sleeve applied (clear or fibre).

Weight Reduction: $90 NZD
Weight hand-shaved from bat, full bat sanded and buffed, new facing applied (clear or fibre).

Major Graft: $90 NZD
New piece cut into bat, piece doweled and bound, new facing applied (clear or fibre).

Re-handle: $80 NZD
Splice stickers removed, new handle placed (oval or round available), splice sanded and buffed, binding applied around new handle, grip applied.

Full Bat Refurbishment: $70 NZD
All stickers and sleeve removed, full bat sanded and buffed, new facing applied (clear or fibre).

Face Repair: $50 NZD
Sleeve removed, surface cracks glued, face sanded and buffed, new sleeve applied (fibre recommended).

Handle / Shoulder Repair: $45 NZD
Shoulder crack repaired, shoulder bound.

Toe Repair: $35 NZD
Toe repaired, toe sanded and buffed, new sleeve applied if required.

Re-sleeve: $25 NZD
Sleeve removed, face sanded and buffed, new facing applied (clear or fibre).

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